6-year-old asks Norwegian King’s permission to be named Sonic X

King Harald V. Photo: Kongehuset.no

Six-year-old Christer was fed up with his name and sent a letter to Norway’s King requesting his name to be changed to Sonic X, which is a title of a Japanese animé adaptation figure. 

Late last year Christer from Norway wrote a letter addressed to Norwegian King Harald V asking for his name to be officially changed to Sonic X, Norwegian newspaper and website dagbladet.no reports. 

However, his parents were reluctant to send the letter. That is until months later Christer asked why they’d yet to post his heart felt request. The letter was sent and amazingly King Harald V replied. 

Sadly, the King could not change Christer’s name, but not because the change would result in a child running around with a ridiculous video game character’s title. No, the request was rejected for the sole reason that at six-years-old, Christer was not old enough to make such a decision. Thus, the boy must contact King Harald V in twelve years time once he’s turned 18. 

Christer admitted that he was disappointed, explaining that “it was a bit bad.” 

Source: Gamezine.co.uk

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