The Oslo International Boat Show opens in Lillestrøm

The Oslo International Boat Show (Sjøen for alle) opens March 13 at the Norwegian Trade Fair in Lillestrøm, and the show is fully booked.

At "Sjøen for Alle" there will also be plenty of activities for children. Photo:

“Sjøen for alle” is fully booked despite the credit crunch and the financial difficulties, where 200 exhibitors will show more than 400 boats. The show will be complete with all kinds of boats, equipment and activities presented. 

“We were worried with respect to the participants, but we’re now fully booked,” says show manager Merete Rustad. There is a slowdown in the Norwegian market, but there will be boats sold in Norway this coming season and we believe the percentage that will be sold at “Sjøen for alle” will be no less than previous years, rather on the contrary. “Our believe is supported by the number of applicants to the show.” says Rustad.

In addition to the boats, engines and equipment the festival focuses strongly on activities this year.

The Royal Norwegian Yacht Club (KNS) will have sailing for everyone as its slogan says on their stand. There will be a big pool with windsurfing and small electrical boats that kids of all ages may try.

A huge aquarium will have sharks, catfish, lobster, Norwegian crabs, cod, halibut and several other species that we can find in the ocean. Master chef, Egil Storeide, will pick fish out of the aquarium and cook up excellent dishes with few facilities as in a small boat.

NORBOAT, the Norwegian Marine Federation will at their stand show the various boatbuilding techniques from old wooden rivet building, to the most modern vacuum injection. There will be built one boat by vacuum injection each day at the show. There will also be recruitment to the industry at the NORBOAT stand.

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