30-birthday of Star Wars at Finse Norway

Stormtroops at Finse Norway (Photo: Eirik Brekke)

Stormtroops at Finse Norway (Photo: Eirik Brekke)

Star Wars enthusiasts from several countries gathered at Finse Norway over the weekend to celebrate 30 years since the premiere of the film “The Empire Strikes Back” which was largely shot at Finse, Norway.

And the meeting were more than the usual fans of the six movies a long epic.

There is talk of 501st Legion, Nordic Garrison, the Nordic branch of the association whose members set the exact replicas of the costumes from the Star Wars movies. The 501st is also called “Darth Vader’s Fist” and is also looking like an army in the movies, but not in the three earliest movies.

The most afar guests at Finse on the weekend was a trio from Los Angeles.

(editors note: Finse Norway is in the Ulvik municipality of Hordaland, Norway. The railway station at Finse (Finse Station) on the Bergensbanen or Bergen Railroad, is the highest station on the entire Norwegian railway system.)

Source: Bergens Tidende

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