25 percent of air traffic in Europe hit

Ash from Iceland Volcano

Ash from Iceland Volcano

About a quarter of all air traffic in Europe is set Thursday because of volcanic ash from Iceland, says Eurocontrol.

All air traffic in Norway is stopped as a result of Wednesday’s volcanic eruption in Iceland, and there are indications that the situation will continue throughout Friday.

Major issues in Europe

Now it is clear that Europe is hard hit. About a quarter of all air traffic will be affected, according to Eurocontrol, according to NTB.

In Sweden, Denmark, Great Britain, Ireland, Belgium and the Netherlands are all airspace closed. In addition, the skies over France, Finland and Germany closed.

France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, Finland and Switzerland are among countries where air transportation is halted or restricted.

In the United Kingdom and the Netherlands to the skies in the first place be closed until midnight, but there are indications that this may be extended.

“The ban will last as long as necessary,” said spokeswoman Marjolein Wenting air authorities in the Netherlands.

From Paris to all departures north canceled, initially until midnight.

Air space probably closed Friday

In Norway, the airspace has been closed since Thursday morning.

“We have just had a meeting where we have determined that all our flights until 12 AM Friday will be canceled,” said information chief Knut Morten Johansen told Aftenposten SAS at 17 o’clock.

At 02 tonight comes the next forecast for the situation in Norway. If the guess turns out that air traffic can resume Friday morning, however, all SAS flights until the clock 12 is canceled.

“It would be very difficult for us to inform our guests about such changes at night,” said Johansen.

At today’s press conference was also the Minister for Transport Magnhild Meltveit Kleppa clear that aviation in the affected countries in practice will be closed both Thursday Friday.

Source: Aftenposten

See animation of how the ash cloud from Iceland moves.

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