This is El-bus route will go between 10 and 15 from 28 June to 27 August. Photo: Trondheim Parking

This is El-bus route will go between 10 and 15 from 28 June to 27 August. Photo: Trondheim Parking

Throughout the summer, a free electric bus running a fixed route in the city center.

There is so little demand for the bus which normally runs between the parking lot at Marienborg to St. Olav’s Hospital, that we would rather put in a route in the city center, said the Planning and Development Manager in Trondheim parking, Stein Løberg.

He hopes the little red electric bus will give a splash of color in the city.

“This is an offer to both visitors and tourists but we also hope that the city’s population will take advantage of the bus” says Løberg.

Environmentally friendly and free

Trondheim parking has already signed a three-year agreement with Nettbuss to drive the bus, so it will not be any major additional costs in moving the bus.

We cooperate with, among other tourist office to print up maps and signs, the excess will be a total of about 12 to 15,000″ says Løberg.

He emphasizes that the bus is completely free for passengers.

“It’s a battery-powered bus so it does not pollute anything either” says Løberg.

They have printed 4000 map that tourists can get on hotels and museums in the city, in addition to the tourist office in the city center.

More competition?

He believes, however, it will not displace Team Traffic very soon.

“It is the more of a supplement, so that you can get closer to the bus route where you what to go” says Løberg.

It is also a stop right next to the tram, so there is easy access to the tram up to Lian for example.

The bus will continue to run between Marienborg and St. Olav’s Hospital in the morning so that employees come to work. So it will run the route through the city center between 10am and 3pm from Monday to Friday until 27 August.

Source: NRK

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