Maria Mena to the UK

One of Norway’s most successful pop artists, Maria Mena, will finally make her debut in the UK this spring.

At 23 years old Norwegian singer Maria Mena, already has a wealth of experience, awards and a huge following. She released her first album at the age of 15 but really broke through to the international arena with the album “Apparently Unaffected” and the huge hit single “Just Hold Me” (5.5 million views on YouTube). Maria writes all the tracks on her albums and they are known for their raw emotion and honesty.

With her new album “Cause And Effect” Maria has confronted her past putting her life to date into some powerful and moving songs. The beautiful naivety of first single and European smash hit “All This Time” kicks off the UK campaign for Maria followed by the album “Cause And Effect” which already has sold to Platinum in Norway and Germany, and Gold in the Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria.

Maria Mena will be in the UK at the end of February to meet the UK press, so watch this space for more news about release dates in the coming months.

Source: MIC Norway

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