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17. mai fun facts quiz for small readers:

1. TRUE: The 17th of May is the Norwegian national holiday.
2. TRUE: Red, white, and blue are the colors of the flag.
3. FALSE: Only a few children march in Syttende Mai parades.
4. TRUE: Many children play in school bands.
5. TRUE: Bunad is the name for a Norwegian folk costume.
6. FALSE: Dancing and singing are forbidden on the 17th of May.
7. TRUE: Kids can eat all the ice cream they want on Syttende Mai.

For bigger readers:

1. FALSE: Norway’s Constitution was signed in Eidsvoll in 1776.
2. FALSE: Henrik Wergeland was the first prime minister of Norway.
3. TRUE: The first 17th of May children’s parade was only for boys.
4. FALSE: The Norwegian royal family always marched in the 17th of May parade.
5. TRUE: School bands are a major part of 17th of May celebrations.
6. FALSE: Norwegians have always worn bunads on Syttende Mai.
7. FALSE: Hulda Garborg forbade people to wear Panama hats with their folk costumes.
8. TRUE: Children have dressed up in folk costumes to dance in leikarringar since the 1920s.
9. FALSE: During the World War II Occupation by the Germans, Norwegians marched in parades on the 17th of May in protest.
10. FALSE: Children are only allowed to eat red, white, and blue ice cream on Syttende Mai.