145 000 border inspections in 2008

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Norwegian Customs and Excise carried out 145 000 border inspections in 2008. 13 per cent of these inspections uncovered attempts of illegal importation or exportation of goods.

Norwegian Customs and Excise (Tollvesenet)  carries out border inspections in order to prevent illegal importation and exportation of goods. As a result of these inspections, a variety of goods were seized – roughly 330 000 liters of alcoholic beverages and 7.2 million cigarettes.

Tollvesenet collected NOK 196 billion in taxes in 2008 – NOK 3 billion more than in 2007. The most significant tax was value added tax on imports, with NOK 114 billion. Motor vehicle taxes amounted to NOK 44 billion. Other taxes, including excise on tobacco, alcohol, electric power and emissions of CO2 and NOX, totaled NOK 38 billion.

Norwegian Customs and Excise also carries out different types of economic audits. For example audits of declared goods, where the aim is to ensure that consignments are correctly declared. About 174 000 audits of declared goods was carried out in 2008, and 38 per cent of these uncovered violations. However, only 7 cases were classified as serious contraventions.

Source: SSB

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