100,000 offshore containers certified by DNV

First launched in 1989, DNV’s Certification 2.7-1 for Offshore Containers has become the industry standard. Early February, DNV achieved a significant milestone, certifying the organisation’s 100,000th offshore container.

Manufactured by IFS (International Fabrication Services Co. Ltd., a company in the Sure Tank Group), the offshore container was certified during a ceremony at the IFS’ factory in Rayong Thailand, and delivered to the customer, Ferguson Seacabs. The container will be used by its owner in Aberdeen for marketing and exhibition, later this year it will be shipped to Stavanger for the Offshore Northern Seas exhibition.

The ceremony was attended by Eirik Ellingsen CEO of Ferguson Seacabs, Patrick Joy and Niall Lund of Sure Tank, and Andrew McDowell, Managing Director of IFS. DNV was represented by Jan Egil Amundsen, Country Manager for DNV in Thailand and Mr Raymond Poh, DNV2.7-1 Co-ordinator from DNV Singapore, among others.

According to Amundsen, the occasion represents a significant milestone for the organisation. “DNV’s certification standards for offshore containers have long been recognised by regulatory authorities, manufacturers and end-users as the definitive mark of quality,” he says. “Now with 100,000 offshore containers certified by DNV world wide, we can take a moment to celebrate our success in this segment.”

To put the event in perspective, Amundsen notes that by some estimates, there are about 150,000 offshore containers in the world, which suggests that DNV has probably certified more offshore containers than all other certifying bodies, combined. “Our focus on quality, building trust with manufacturers and working closely with regulatory authorities to achieve the best results have been critical to the organisation’s success,” he says.

DNV introduced the Standard for Certification “2.7-1 Offshore Containers” in 1989. The standard has since been recognized by the IMO in their circular on offshore containers and by a number of national authorities, world wide. Today, offshore containers certified by DNV are in use all over the globe, from Europe to Australia, from North and South America to the Far East.

According to Dag Steensen, principal engineer for DNV, the organisation has seen a sharp rise in certifications for offshore containers. “DNV certified its 50,000th offshore container in 2005, about 16 years after we launched the standard,” he says. “That figure doubled in only five years, which reflects both the industry demand and the quality of DNV’s work in this segment.” Steensen adds that many of these offshore containers are specialized units built in small numbers, requiring DNV to approve between two and three thousand different container designs.

Raymond Poh expressed his thanks to IFS, Suretank and Ferguson Seacabs for participating in the event. “Together with DNV, IFS has worked hard to produce offshore containers that meet stringent DNV 2.7-1 requirements. Ferguson Seacabs has expressed their satisfaction with these quality containers,” he says. “This may be just another offshore container for them, but for DNV, it represents years of hard work. We will continue to develop the segment, and look forward to achieving our next milestone – wherever it may occur.”

Source: DNV

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