100 have had coastal-diarrhea

MS "Kong Harald" has already been disinfected, but without having managed to get rid of Noro virus. PHOTO ARCHIVE: ØYVIND Engan

MS "Kong Harald" has already been disinfected, but without having managed to get rid of Noro virus. PHOTO ARCHIVE: ØYVIND Engan

When the MS Kong Harald left Trondheim on Thursday, the crew will again start disinfecting the steamer ship.

About 100 passengers have been infected by the Noro virus since the beginning of April.

Communication Manager Ragnar Norum not believe that the situation is dramatic. “There are currently only three passengers who are sick. Although 100 sounds a lot, we have not had on average more than five to six sick passengers each day. But of course it is very pity for those who suffer,” he said to adressa.no


Passengers who are infected are isolated and must stay at the cabin for three days. It happened to a married couple from Molde, who was on November 1st day “Dream Trip” to the North Cape. His daughter, Inger Johanne Nerbø Thorud, explains how her parents had thrown up and gone to the bathroom, a small bathroom they had to share.

“They traveled on the occasion of my mother’s 80th birthday, along with friends. Both couples were sick, and were isolated in the cabins. It is clear this was a big disappointment,” said Nerbø Thorud.

For those who feel that “the world’s most beautiful voyage” is a nightmare, it is no use that your shipping company gave compensation.

“It is the same as if you become ill in the South. You must contact the company where you purchased travel insurance,” said Norum.

But passengers do not know the risk of disease when they book the trip?

“Most people have booked long ago. But they’re told when they come on board,” said Norum.

Shall disinfect

Then the passengers sprayed with disinfectant fluid. The importance of good hand hygiene will be emphasized. MS Kong Harald has already been immediately disinfected, without having managed to get rid of the virus.

“Now we will insert additional measures. Most of our passengers get off in Trondheim. During the journey to Bergen we will begin disinfecting cabins. When we again sail north from Bergen, it becomes a completely disinfected ship, with only new passengers. The goal is that they will get the best travel, says Norum.

The weekend before 17 May it seemed that the norovirus epidemic had reached a temporary peak point. When the ship was in Kirkenes on Sunday evening, their were reported 19 sick. Several of them were pensioners.

“But it turned out that many of them were seasick. The symptoms are similar,” said Norum.

Since the first outbreak in early April, “King Harald” has had a nurse on board.

Source: Aftenposten

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