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Assistant Editor

America’s only Norwegian newspaper is seeking a magical unicorn to replace one who’s frolicking off to more rainbow-filled pastures on December 4, 2017! We would also be willing to consider two or more partial unicorns, so please submit a resume if you feel you can perform any part of these tasks. Hours and compensation will depend on how much of the job you can take on (but, like, don’t get too excited). Telecommuting is an option for a few discrete tasks, but most require you to be onsite in our Shoreline, Wash., office.

These are the main areas we’re looking to fill:


• Write or source stories for the Sports, Travel, and Business sections (or just one of those sections—any of these an be a stand-alone freelance job, does not require Norwegian language skills, and can be done from anywhere)
• Develop and maintain relationships with writers and other publications
• Find and trim Norwegian-language news stories for the Nyheter fra Norge page
• Fact-check everything prior to publication
• Proofread everything prior to publication, including some Norwegian content
• Many other small editorial tasks, about half of which require Norwegian fluency

Digital & Social Media:
• Post stories using our WordPress site
• Follow SEO guidelines for posts
• Schedule social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram
• Post PDF to archives
• Finish up and schedule weekly newsletter using Constant Contact

• Manage subscriptions—apply payments made by various means to our subscription software, set up vacation holds and changes of address, sync this information with digital subscriptions
• Send out renewal notices to subscribers
• Answer phones, return voicemails, and reply to subscription and general questions that come in via email
• Pay bills using QuickBooks
• Invoice advertisers and deposit their checks
• Send copies of the paper to those who request samples and those who’ve been featured in the paper
• Complete other tasks, such as re-typing letters and mailing review copies of books, as needed to support the Editor

• Organization and reliability—we need to know that if we tell you to do something it will get done, not just once but every time it needs to
• Superb English skills—ability to write and edit interesting stories about assigned topics
• Fluency in written Norwegian (Bokmål)—ability to shorten Norwegian articles and translate when necessary
• Ability to work well with writers and other content producers
• Friendly and professional phone manner
• Social media proficiency
• Proficiency in InDesign and at least basic skills in Photoshop
• Knowledge of WordPress (some basic knowledge of HTML is a plus, but willingness to learn will do)
• Proofreading and copyediting skills (certificate preferred)
• Knowledge of QuickBooks is a plus, but willingness to learn will do
• Familiarity with the Norwegian-American community and/or Norway is ideal
• Organization and reliability—yep, this is first and last on the list. Seriously, scatterbrains need not apply. We’re full up on those already.

Send resume and cover letter to In your cover letter please specify exactly what part of this job you’re applying for. Get these in right away, as we need to hire at least a partial unicorn by early December!


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