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Photo: David Burke
Lauren Hauser is living her third life in Norway. Shown here with her dog Depill.

Here and there: Third time lucky

David Burke Skoppum, Norway Many of you may know a Norwegian who has moved to America, but how many know an American who has settled in Norway? According to Statistics Norway, just 7,450 Americans...

Photo: Pixabay

The Case of the Missing Instrument

fiction by Atar J. Hadari He sat with a pint at one of the thick brown benches outside the National Film Theatre and realized he’d no idea where his instrument was. He had been...

Photo: David Moe
Kara Paulson, who has been in a wheelchair for over 30 years, still loves to dance.

A dance in everyone

The Wheelchair Dancers Organization celebrates the human spirit in motion David Moe Sun City, Calif. Saturday, November 12, was the fourth annual Dance-Ability Showcase at the Balboa Park Club in San Diego, California. Wheelchair...

Photo: Maria Stordahl Nelson
These savory waffles pair well with Nordic toppings from lingonberry jam to roe.

A Nordic Christmas appetizer with heart

Norwegian flavors of caraway and potato make these savory waffles perfect for entertaining Maria Stordahl Nelson Seattle, Wash. If you happen to be a fan of waffles, and quite frankly I know no Scandinavian...

Viking King’s church found

Archaeologists find remains they believe to be the resting place of Saint Olav II Charlotte Bryan & Michael Sandelson The Foreigner Klemenskirken in Sør-Trøndelag County’s Trondheim originates from the Middle Ages. It is believed...