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How can you catch someone who’s stolen your identity? Idtracker’s Sindre Hagen found out the hard way, but his company is making it easier for people to get their lives back when it happens to them.

Idtracker investigates identity theft

This Norwegian startup gets to the bottom of fraud and develops background check tools Tara Garcia Nordic Startup Bits Idtracker is a company that was born out of necessity. Sindre Hagen, CEO, had his...

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This is what the store-bought version of Candyland looks like. If you make your own it can be something you like even better!

Barneblad: Winter sports… Inside

Heidi Håvan Grosch Sparbu, Norway Imagine that it is cold and the wind is blowing. There’s a snowstorm outside and you can’t see very far. Inside it is warm and cozy. Perhaps you’re sitting...

To view and do sports of snow and ice

M. Michael Brady Asker, Norway This winter’s world championships are scheduled for all snow and ice sports. The Norwegian entries have yet to be officially announced, but the weight of tradition suggests that Norway...

Photo illustrated by Bjarne Agdestein
The festival’s poster captures the windswept adventurousness of Lofoten.

Classical music in a serene setting

For five years, this one-of-a-kind festival has brought the sounds of the cello to the Arctic Circle Robert L. Libkind Philadelphia, Penn Fine music played by accomplished artists always rewards the listener. The experience...

Photo courtesy of Michael Kleiner
Michael skating on the oval at Geilo.

The fun of the cold

The following is an excerpt from Michael Kleiner’s memoir, Beyond the Cold: An American’s Warm Portrait of Norway. He spent 1969-70 in Oslo with his family when he was 11. He taught himself to...