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Photo: Kjersti Gisnås / University of Oslo, Department of Geosciences
Gisnås’s improved map of Scandinavian permafrost distribution.

Permafrost thaw threatens mountains

New research shows in greater detail which parts of Scandinavian earth is permafrost M. Michael Brady Asker, Norway Permafrost is permanently frozen ground found mostly at high latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere. It was...


Norwegian 101: Wasps (Vepser)

Heidi Håvan Grosch Sparbu, Norway For fear of sounding like a farmer (for å høres ut som en bonde), we have had a terrible summer (en forferdelig sommer) in Norway with wasps (med vepser)....

Illustration: Liz Argall

Dirty Bop to Blighty: part 3

fiction by Diana Deverell Except, Dawna retorted, “your clumsy agenda-changing tactic gave you away. Vladimir and Boris aren’t sitting around, waiting for you to arrest them. No, they’re scheming—” A businesslike male voice interrupted...

Photo courtesy of Scatec Solar 
One of Scatec’s projects, the Utah Red Hills Renewable Park.

Scatec Solar enjoys blue skies in America

The Norwegian-based solar power producer has secured several projects in the US market Rasmus Falck Oslo, Norway Headquartered in Oslo, Scatec Solar is an independent solar power producer that delivers affordable and sustainable sources...

Photo: NHG AS / Wikimedia
This dragon-accented yellow wooden hotel is like something from a fairy tale.

A lovely stay in the heart of Telemark

Spend a weekend relaxing at this fairytale hotel and delight in the magnificent scenery Katrin Konradt & André Fey Oslo, Norway On our trip to the Lysefjord, at the beginning of our time in...

Photo: Emily C. Skaftun
As it turns out, I really don’t take a lot of photos when it’s raining. So here’s a shot from the relatively “nice” weather before the rain started at the Peer Gynt performance. I was concerned that that woman on the left was going to die, since she was wearing at least four fewer layers than I had on and was already shivering. Hanne Maren, right, is fully bundled up, and she spent most of the evening inside a tent.

Ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlig klær?

Emily C. Skaftun The Norwegian American I knew right away when I stepped off the plane that I’d made a mistake. Skirts and tank tops had no place in my luggage for this trip...

Photo: Nevada Berg
Extra strawberries add texture to this divine summery ice cream.

An ice cream made of roasted summer

This icy summer treat pairs well with the everyday delicacy of aniseed waffles Nevada Berg Rollag, Norway Berry season runs from July to August, just before the touch of autumn stretches its arms across...

Photo: Ppntori photo / Wikimedia Commons
Border marker cairn no. 302B at hightest point in Finland.

High-end gift giving

Norway considers giving neighbor Finland a mountain M. Michael Brady Asker, Norway Finland, the sub-Arctic land of lakes and forests, is mostly flat. But on its border with Norway, there are mountains. One, Halti...